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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Writer's Brain: Aaron Patterson

Aaron Patterson is the successful and hugely ambitious author of Dream On, Sweet Dreams, and several other books. In addition to his success as a writer, he is also the publisher of StoneHouse Ink, the force behind Vincent Zandri's meteoric rise to the top.

He has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time and if you doubt his ambition, check out his writing goals below.  He also seems to be one of the hardest working writers in the business and a creative marketer, among the quickest to recognize the new trends and opportunities of the indie publishing model.

Michael: How long have you been writing? 

Aaron: 2 years.

Michael: Is writing a calling for you, or did you fall into it by accident?

Aaron: I fell into it. I am a big reader but never thought I could write as I can’t spell and have terrible grammar. As soon as I discovered that it is not just one person writing but a team to make a book happen I started to write.

Michael: What is the work you are most proud of having written?

Aaron: Airel. It is my new teen thriller and I poured a ton into it with emotion and just the time it took. I think it will really have an impact on people.

Michael: Is there a particular scene, chapter or POV that you found especially challenging?

Aaron: I write it from the 1st person and from a 17yeard old girl… took some thinking but I think it works.

Michael: What do you hope they will take away from reading your books?

Aaron: I hope you will have fun, I want to make you think and scare you a little bit.

Michael: What would you like to accomplish as a writer? Do you have any specific goals?

Aaron: Yes, I want to sell a million books and have 100 titles by the time I am 50. I think I can do it but it is going to take a lot of work.

Michael: What is your writing process? Do you write by outlines or fly by the seat of your pants?

Aaron: I fly and just let the story come to me as I go. I always have a small idea of what is going on but most of the time I just write.

Michael: When you start a new book, do you like to talk about it with friends and family or keep it to yourself?

Aaron: Both, I talk about some of it but keep the main stuff close to my chest. I want them to be shocked and so on… got to keep it interesting. 

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