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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Back Into the Void

I'm not sure if the void refers to my new sci-fi project or to the lack of oxygen on this blog, as it seems to apply equally.

Since my last post I've written four novels and published two, with two more books on pre-order, and another two still waiting for a home. I've got another WWII novel written, about an American nurse in the Philippines, but I don't yet have a contract for that. I'm hopeful, though, as reviews and sales of my two previous historicals are solid, albeit not spectacular.

If you follow my writing--and I'm super grateful to those readers who like my stuff enough to cross genre boundaries with me, from fantasy to sci-fi, to historicals and thrillers--here are the two most recent releases.

Victoria Crossing: Two young Irish immigrants claw their way up in 1850s New York City.
The Sentinel: A return to the Starship Blackbeard series, as the humans fight off a brutal alien threat.

The Sentinel is the first book of a new trilogy (check out the awesome covers by Lorenz Hideyoshi!), with all three books to be released this summer. It has been a fun project.