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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dreaming of Blister Creek

I had a dream last night that I was driving down from the Ghost Cliffs into the Blister Creek Valley. I'm vague on what I was hoping to do in Blister Creek, but I think I was trying to warn Jacob and Eliza of some emerging threat. It's almost like after eight books and all these years, my subconscious is saying "Hey, you'd better hurry and come up with the next book in the Righteous Series or you're going to miss your deadline!"

There is no longer a deadline to miss.

A view of the Ghost Cliffs, looking north from the valley.

The Ghost Cliffs don't exist, of course, and neither does the valley or the town. If you drive south from Panguitch, Utah on Highway 89, you'll find some interesting high desert scenery, but not Blister Creek. But I can certainly picture the place in my mind: the red rock maze of Witch's Warts, the neat, grid-like streets with their sprawling houses, the temple spire rising from the heart of town, the cemetery on the hill to the south. To the north, the red rock of the Ghost Cliffs, with forbidding mountain ranges framing the valley to the east and west.

I'll bet a few of you can picture it, too.


  1. Just found the Righteous series and am on the first one. I want to read them all but cannot tell in which order to read them. Some have no numbers and the publication date is the same for at least three. Help?

  2. The order is:

    1. The Righteous
    2. Mighty and Strong
    3. The Wicked
    4. The Blessed and the Damned
    5. Destroying Angel
    6. The Gates of Babylon
    7. Hell's Fortress
    8. Blood of the Faithful.

    I hope you enjoy the books!

  3. Thank you so much! I am enjoying the first one and got your new one too, Crow Hollow. They should keep me busy for a while.

  4. I grew up in Las Vegas and went to southern Utah often. I feel like I know the places in your novels after hiking around the area for years. I saw many polygamist families in St. George. I loved your novels . I look forward to reading Crow Hollow.