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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update on Writing Projects

Now that I'm a few weeks past the release of The Gates of Babylon, I've settled back into my writing routine. I've received a few emails lately wanting to know what I was working on next.

I have a good solid draft of the book I was working on over the winter, a historical thriller set in Boston in 1676. That was fun and different to write. I've also done three chapters and an outline of a Civil War spy novel that has been a lot of fun to work on. Both of these projects are being shown to my publisher for a project to work on after The Righteous series concludes next year. They said they were interested in historical stuff, so I jumped right on it. I read about 1,800 pages of Civil War stuff in two weeks and my head is about to burst.

Now I've got to pivot back to working on the eighth, and final book of The Righteous series. I should finish that in June. Book #7, Hell's Fortress, has a rudimentary page up on Amazon (no cover yet). That book is all finished with only a final round with my copy editor/proofreader before it's done.

After I finish the final book of The Righteous series, I'm going to swing back to my fantasy series again. Sales have picked up a little bit. Nothing to write home about, but it no longer feels like a fool's quest. I'm going to try to finish it in two more volumes, but I might need one more after that, depending on how things go. My head is bursting with ideas, and it's mainly a question of staying focused.


  1. Please get back to the Citadel. I have finished the Golden Griffin and need to know more. It is so distressing when you just abandon the story like a cliffhanger in a TV series. I hope the wait will not be long so that I don't loose my enthusiasm. Thank you.

  2. Hi threebead,

    Yes, the next book in the series is on its way. In fact there's a pre-order page up on Amazon if you'd like to take a look. This isn't the final cover, but the date should be pretty firm.