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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Warrior King

I've received a few emails from readers, so I know that Amazon has been doing a good job of getting the word out about the fourth book of The Dark Citadel Series, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here is where you can pre-order The Warrior King. I'd love to put up a pre-order page on B&N and iTunes, but the final book has to be loaded for that to happen and the book is still in drafts and won't be ready until pretty close to the release date.

The final book of the Righteous Series is delivered and with my developmental editor. This is not Hell's Fortress, being released this fall, but is scheduled for February, I think.

By the time summer rolls around I will have written four books in nine months, so I'll be taking a little R&R/research. I'm going to fill a longtime dream and travel to Ireland for three weeks. I'm hoping that traipsing around all those castles and ruins will give me some inspiration for the fantasy books as well as recharge the creative batteries.

Once I get back I've got a couple of different projects to attack and hope to finish 2014 as the most productive year ever.