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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Be a Character in The Righteous Series

Here he is, the youngest member of the Compound, drawing the name of one lucky reader who will be arriving in Blister Creek at the end of the world. I'm getting ready to start work on the final book of the Righteous Series (don't worry, the other two are done and on their way!), and offered members of my new release mailing list the chance to become a named character in the series. I was surprised and pleased by the response, with over a hundred people offering themselves up as sacrificial victims.

The winner is Whit McQueen. Sounds like an ex-military guy to me, boots worn from hoofing it across the Southwest as civilization coughs up blood. Hungry, desperate. I haven't quite figured out how he'll end up in Blister Creek, or what he'll do when he gets there.

This was kind of fun. I think I'll do it again in the future.