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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going to Bouchercon

I'm going to be at Bouchercon in September, if anyone else is going and wants to say hi. I've never been before, and haven't been to any sort of convention for years. I did go to a Backspace "meet the agent" event in NYC several years back and in the 90s I went to numerous sf/f conventions, most of them out west. I always had a great time, but it was more of a substitute for vacation than any sort of professional development. I decided I had a lot of other places I wanted to see in the world besides the inside of hotels. This is when I started some of my solo travel through Latin America, North Africa, and Asia.

But I'm excited to be back among fellow writers, talking about the craft. A number of other Thomas & Mercer authors will be there, such as Joe Konrath and Blake Eisler, as well as my new Amazon team of editors. Also, I'll have the chance to see St. Louis for the first time and see some good friends living in the area who I haven't seen for years.

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