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Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Golden Griffin

I'm wrapping up the final chapter on The Golden Griffin this weekend. My cover artist should be producing something in the next few days. To my loyal readers of The Dark Citadel series, thank you for being patient. It's coming, I promise.

As to why this book has taken so long, the answer is complicated. I had written pretty much an entire draft, but it took a dark and unsatisfying turn and I didn't know how to work my way out of it. Then, as I took a break to work on other stuff, including the books that people were paying me to write (The Righteous series), and other stuff with more commercial potential and/or were bugging me to come out.

By the time I came back to the Dark Citadel series this spring, what I'd written had gone cold. I had to reimagine some things. Ultimately, I decided that some of what I'd written could be saved, some junked, and some moved on to the next volume. Meanwhile, I brought the focus of the book in a little tighter. I think my readers will like it, and I feel like I'm on a much stronger path going forward.

I'm also hoping with the third volume that sales of the series will pick up a little. There's no question that better sales will make it easier to write the next chapter of the saga sooner. Otherwise, I have to spend more time working on stories that help pay the bills.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

9 Killer Thrillers

I had the good fortune to be invited to include a book in a bundle of novels by some of the bestselling thriller authors in the business. I'm delighted to have my novel The Devil's Deep included in the collection. It joins fantastic company.

Amazingly, 9 Killer Thrillers has been released at an initial price of 99¢, which is almost theft, considering there are nine books in the collection.

Another writer pointed out some amazing stuff about the collection:

• Praise from the likes of Janet Evanovich, Stan Pottinger and Lisa Gardner
• Thousands of reviews and average ratings of 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 stars, even one at a whopping 4.7
• Hundreds of thousands of copies of each already in distribution
• Bestseller rankings as high as #1
• Sustained Top 100 author rankings

Here are the books in the 9 Killer Thrillers collection:

Russell Blake – King of Swords
Michael Wallace – The Devil’s Deep
CJ Lyons – Snakeskin
MJ Rose – The Halo Effect
Melissa Foster – Traces of Kara
John L. Betcher – The 19th Element
Claude Bouchard – Vigilante
Luke Romyn – Corpus Christi
Nick Russell – Big Lake

This is a great chance to scoop up some bestselling novels on the cheap. These are the links for the various bookstores. Again, the whole collection is only 99¢!

For the Kindle.
For the Nook.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Interview with David Gaughran

I recently completed an interview on David Gaughran's popular indie blog that you might find interesting. In it I confess that I am not (ehem!) the world's best blogger.
You can read part one here.
And part two here.