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Friday, August 5, 2011

Conference Call

I had a conference call with my new publishers yesterday, Thomas and Mercer Amazon). They will be assigning me a dedicated publicist to deal with the release, and I had a chance to hear some of their other thoughts about marketing. More and more I'm glad I went with Amazon, as I can really see how they give me the best chance of casting the widest net for new readers.

I don't yet have a development editor, but hopefully soon. I have some rewrites to do on those first three books and want to tackle that before I dig into the first draft of book #4. Book 4 is due in March and Book 5 in June. Ten months to write two novels. I can do it, but it will require some dedicated time when I'm not worrying about other stuff.

In other news, The Righteous got a mention in The Huffington Post yesterday. That was fun.

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