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Friday, December 23, 2011

Indie Superstars

I'm coming up on the anniversary of my first full year as an indie writer. And while my indie career hasn't been as successful as writers like Joe Konrath or John Locke, this past year has still gone better than I could have hoped. I have sold roughly 70,000 ebooks to date

Equally exciting is the interest I had from publishers since the spring when The Righteous hit the top 20 of the overall Kindle store. I'd pounded my head against the wall of traditional publishing before making a go at an indie career, but hadn't wanted to close that door for good. So when outside parties came knocking, I wanted to hear what they had to say. I ended up signing with Thomas & Mercer, excited by the thought of being published by Amazon's own publishing arm and convinced that they could give me a great opportunity to break out to a larger audience.

Now, my traditional deal wasn't like Amanda Hocking's, but it was enticing enough to turn over the three books of The Righteous series plus two additional books in the series. The Thomas & Mercer versions are set to publish in February of next year and it has been exciting to go through edits, give feedback on covers, etc. I'm still planning to keep releasing indie books, including the third book of The Devil's Deep series and the rest of The Dark Citadel.