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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Polygamy Anecdote

My great-great grandfather went on a Mormon mission to Ireland. While in Ireland, he found a second wife. His first wife (born in England), wasn't overly keen to discover this young, attractive, and not particularly deferential new woman arrive in back of the wagon to their house in rural Utah. She made my great-great grandfather build a second house for his second wife and the subsequent children, rather than share a roof. When he wasn't there and people stopped by to ask "Where is Brother H--?" she would answer, "He's spending the night in Ireland."

I won't say that polygamist wives in 19th Century Utah had it easy, but they weren't doormats, either.

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  1. This made me giggle. From what I have read about you I am surprised you have not written a memoir. You seem to lead such an interesting life! Since there isn't very much about you out there I gather you are a private person so forgive me for asking but I was just curious, is polygamy something you would also consider? Or perhaps you prefer the single life? I myself find it hard enough to meet one person I can’t imagine trying to date or marry more than one and how hard it must be for everyone to get along. I do not know much about the Mormon religion & culture but think I might read it if you wrote it. :)