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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Writing Update

Hello my small but loyal cadre of blog readers. Sorry I haven't been updating this recently, but it has been a crazy summer, full of travel and promotion and trying to keep my head above water on various projects.

So what am I working on? First of all, Rebellion of Stars releases next week. It's the final book in the series, and it will be exciting to wrap up the saga of Captain Drake and his rebellious crew. We're not done with them, by any stretch, but I've got work to do before I pick up again, and this will resolve the big story with Admiral Malthorne. I really like how it turned out.

As for future releases, two more historicals are on their way. The first, Crescent Spy, is already available for pre-order. The second, Victoria Crossing, won't be out until summer, as it's wending its way through my publisher's editorial system. It will be exciting to see what Lake Union does with it. I've been very happy with how they've handled things so far, and I love my LU editors, cover people, and publicity department.

But if all that other stuff is done, what am I writing? Well, I don't want to share that with you, but let's say that one group of readers is likely to be very happy, and another will have their hopes disappointed. Until I can clone myself or stick to one genre, that's likely to be the case going forward. Sorry about that, but I hope you'll branch out from what you usually read and give some of my other stuff a try if you haven't already.