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Monday, June 1, 2015

Crow Hollow

It's finally pub date! I've had a great early lift for Crow Hollow thanks to a great promotion through Amazon's Kindle First program, which allowed Amazon Prime members to get the book in the month before release. Now, it's time for the book to stand on its own.

This was an unusual book to write. At times, it felt like I was writing a fantasy novel, with the setting almost medieval, a clash of two alien cultures (Puritan and Native American), and a need for me to research old weapons and other technology.

Other times, the characters felt not so different from what you might find in the Righteous series. I wrote eight books for Thomas & Mercer set in desert polygamous sect of Blister Creek, and came to know those characters as well as those in my own family. The religious background of my Puritan and Quaker characters of Crow Hollow is very different, but at the same time, religion infuses everything they do. It is the reason for their entire community. That part felt very comfortable.

The truth is, I loved writing this book. Okay, I love writing all my books, but this one was especially enjoyable. You know that feeling you get when you read a historical that transports you so far away that you're disoriented putting it down and returning to the 21st century? I felt that way for days and weeks at a time. It was winter, and my house in New England was blanketed with heavy snows. I would light a fire at the stone fireplace every evening when I'd finished my writing and think about my stories and setting.

It's still early, but early reviews on Crow Hollow are promising. As a writer, there's nothing more wonderful than having your favorite work become a favorite with your readers.


  1. Hi,

    I've selected this book for myself and two friends to read together. We plan to have virtual video discussion for Chap. 1-11, then Chap. 12-35 and a face to face to read the final chap. 36.

    Can you suggest some specific discussion questions that may be good based on the breakdown I've listed above?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Shelly,

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy the book. I think an interesting line of discussion would be talking about the differences between the English and native cultures. Was a violent clash necessary, or could they have peacefully coexisted. It seemed to set a very tragic pattern that was played out over the next two hundred years.

    The other thing that I always wonder in writing historicals is whether people are a product of their time and culture, or if people are inherently the same, regardless of when and where they're born. You know some things are universal, but is everything universal?

    1. Thanks Michael! I'll add these to our discussion.

  3. Reading "Crow Hollow" now. Loving it - can't put it down. Excellent historical fiction; wonderful story.

  4. Loving this book so far but came across a discrepancy. James's father was hung as a traitor. Yet when he and Prudence are in the wild on December 23rd, he states (thinks) that if he were in England now, he would be in Lewes, sitting by a fire with his father and brother. Sorry. I have an annoying knack for noticing things like that.

  5. I couldn't put this book down. I felt like I was right there with Prudence and James. Enjoyed the historical elements of the book. Are you thinking sequel??