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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blood of the Faithful

Today is the official release date of the last book of the Righteous series, Blood of the Faithful. I have so many people who have been following me since the beginning on this long, strange journey. I have a lot I want to say about the book and the series in general, but nothing without massive spoilers! So that blog post will have to wait a few weeks until people are caught up. For now, I have mixed feelings. Blister Creek and its people have been such a part of my life over the last several years that I feel at least as sad to be finishing as I am happy.

Meanwhile, there's no getting off the treadmill. Not until someone offers me that million dollar contract, anyway. It's probably better this way. I never get to the end of the year and wish I written less. And I certainly didn't write less in 2014. I was working furiously on these two historicals for Lake Union when the year began, and even more furiously to get Starship Blackbeard off the launching pad at the end.

I've got to keep writing every single day or my readers will wander away to find someone else, all eleven of them. I'm joking (probably, hopefully). There are enough of you to keep the heat on and food on the table, for which I am very grateful.

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