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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Devil's Cauldron

After the Righteous series, I get more requests for more books in The Devil's Deep universe than anything I have written. I've had the bones of an idea for a third book for several months now, but it hadn't quite come together and so I kept working on other projects while I let what Stephen King calls the Boys in the Basement continue to work around with the idea.

This past week the angle came to me. It involved a woman suffering from locked-in syndrome, Wes's sometimes-institutionalized brother Eric, and the concealment of a family crime. I sat down at the computer and typed a few thoughts and within about ten minutes the rest of the plot came together.

I've got to finish the current work in progress first, but it looks like all the elements are there for me to write Devil's Deep #3, which I'm going to call The Devil's Cauldron.


  1. Sounds good. I thought the other two in the series were really compelling.

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoyed the first two books and hope you enjoy Devil's Cauldron as well.