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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Blessed and the Damned

I turned in The Blessed and the Damned to my editor on Friday. There wasn't a day in the past five months that I wasn't working on the book, from brainstorming to first draft to rewrites. I'd hoped to finish in four months as I would like to write three different novels this year, but I'm not sure I can manage.

Having said that, the February writing challenge is going well. I started from nothing (well, to be fair, from notes) on January 31 and now I have 25,000 words of first draft material. If I can keep up this pace I can finish the first draft by the middle of March. I will then be on track to deliver the book by the end of May.


  1. Congrats Michael. It's such a great feeling to finish a book, isn't it?

  2. Thanks, it sure is. It's a little like rising slowly to the surface after a long, deep dive to find out that the sunlit world still exists.