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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dark Citadel

I just released the first two books of my new epic fantasy series. I'm excited to finally bring these books to a reading audience. The first book is on sale for 99 cents and the second is only $3.97. Six hundred pages of wizards, dragons, griffins, knights, and magic for only five bucks. Did I mention that I was excited? :)

From the description:

A slave boy named Darik falls in with a pair of spies as the great city of Balsalom comes under siege by the armies of a dark wizard. They flee west to enlist the aid of griffin riders, an order of wizards, and a band of ascetic knights to come to the city's defense.

Meanwhile, a young queen named Kallia leads a heroic struggle to keep both her city and body free from the dark wizard's cruel embrace. After a treacherous attack opens Balsalom to the armies of the enemy, Kallia assembles an unlikely alliance of palace servants, barbarians, and jealous merchants to retake her city before its people are led away in chains.

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