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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dark Canyon

I'm headed to southeastern Utah next week to do some research for book #4 of The Righteous series. San Juan County, Utah occupies a huge swath of southeastern Utah, an area bigger than Massachusetts, but with only fifteen thousand people. I've driven through Monticello on my way into Colorado, and spent a lot of time on the northern edges of the county, but have never penetrated the wilderness interior.

The place I'm visiting is called Dark Canyon Primitive Area, a forbidding, mountainous region of about a hundred square miles with no roads and only a few trails. There are still undiscovered cliff dwellings in the area, hidden in seldom-visited canyons. While I'm in the area, I hope to see Goblin Valley and Natural Bridges National Monument, and perhaps even slip quietly through Colorado City.

If you are a member of a conservative polygamist group and are offended by my books, please do not kill me when I pass through your town.

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